Masts & Rigging

Upon close inspection after arrival in Hobart the rigging was found to be in generally poor condition.

The main is a tapered steep tube over the top of a 6 meter wooden plug which extends through to the stem.  While the main has a few rust patches and a small hole near the main spreaders it is in generally good condition. The mizzen is a wooden mast and is also in good condition.

Rigger, Anastasia Konstantinidis suggested removing the main mast so that it could be repaired where necessary, sanded and repainted then dressed with new rigging and reinstalled.

Top of main mast showing original rigging. Feb 2014
Top of main mast showing original rigging. Feb 2014

Unfortunately funds were not available so the rig was replaced with the masts standing. With hindsight removal may well have been the cheaper option.
All the wire rope, bottle screws and shackles were replaced with Australian standard, load rated equipment.

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