September update

Finally an update! We crossed Bass Strait in what were probably pretty benign conditions for that piece of water, however with the confluence of three swells we rolled about quite a bit on the two day crossing.

Berthed at Eden after crossing Bass Strait
Berthed at Eden after crossing Bass Strait

Stopped in Eden for a day or two then pottered up the coast to Sydney.

Sydney - view from our anchorage at Watsons Bay
Sydney – view from our anchorage at Watsons Bay

We anchored in Watsons Bay in about 20 meters of water and about 150 meters off shore. Magnificent views up the harbour and a lovely place to be ‘stuck’ for 3 weeks. Stuck???

Sydney - Anchored at Watsons Bay
Sydney – Anchored at Watsons Bay

Well it’s a long story but the short version is that I ended up in hospital where, after more tests that the Aussie cricket team and more blood and ‘other’ samples that a Russian athlete, the ….ologists finally diagnosed that I had a cyst on my pituitary gland and that I almost pegged out!

Thanks to a brilliant GP and a persistent and outward thinking cardiologist the correct diagnosis was finally made and a couple of pills later I’m as good as new. Better even!. I am sure the diagnosis would have eventually have been made but most likely during a post mortem…………

Anyway, after a gruelling four weeks we set sail again headed for Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. As there was some quite strong easterly weather we decided to travel non-stop. It took us 72 hours and was’ easy peasy’. Hundreds of whales and dolphins accompanied us on the trip. The weather was good and all the boat systems worked faultlessly.

Unfortunately we arrived at the mouth of the Mooloolaba river a couple of hours after high tide and, as we draw just about the maximum for the river we had to wait until the next hight tide to enter. Problem was the next high was at half past midnight! On top of that the easterly had strengthened considerably so waiting in the bay at anchor was not an option. Being unfamiliar with the approach we did a dummy run and then pottered around the bay until the time was right to enter.

On the prawn wharf at Mooloolaba
On the prawn wharf at Mooloolaba

We had arranged a berth at the end of the Mooloolaba Fisheries wharf where we had berthed on the delivery voyage almost three years ago.So with some trepidation we approached the breakwater entrance at around midnight with no moon and a strong wind blowing.

On the wharf at Mooloolaba
On the prawn wharf at Mooloolaba

Again, easy peasy! we glided into the river, counted four red pylons, veered to starboard and nudged safely up against the wharf. Phew!!

We are enjoying Mooloolaba so much we have decided to stay put for a few weeks and enjoy the sun, seafood – particularly the prawns- and the great beaches.

Jules & Mat


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