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Once all the timber work was completed the hull was sanded and coated with 2 coats of two pack timber preserver then with two coats of two pack epoxy Jotun (Penguard HB) followed by a coat of Jotun Vinyguard and finally two coats of Jotun Seaguardian Anti-foul – Black

Main hull work completed
Main hull work completed

The topside was sanded and primed and then undercoated with Jotun Penguard HB and then two coats of Pilot II were applied.

Areas of ‘rot’ on the superstructure and upper hull were exposed and either permanently repaired with new timber of temporarily covered and sealed pending further work.

Back in the water - Just the rear chain plates to go.
Back in the water – Just the rear chain plates to go.

Further upper hull and superstructure work was undertaken in Launceston to make the ship properly water tight and sound.
Both sides of the rear saloon area were rebuilt using new timer joists and noggins. The walls were covered with double sheets of 19 mm marine ply which was treated with several coats of epoxy. Then the whole surface including the top and bottom edges were sealed with fibreglass , then sanded & painted. The new areas were  painted with 2 pack epoxy, Jotun Penguard HB and finished with Jotun Pilot II. See Chain Plates section for more detail.

The existing anchor hawse pipes were removed and refurbished. New steel backing plates were made and new timber supports made to reposition the pipes as they were remounted. New fastenings were used in the repair.

All the bulwarks were stripped of paint, all holes and any areas of rot were cleaned out. New edge timbers were installed to ensure the area was fully waterproof. Once sanded all the timbers were treated with wood preserver.

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