Where are we….?

We are currently berthed at Beauty Point in the mouth of the Tamar River. Another 3 to 4 weeks will see the major work completed, weather permitting!! We are working on the port side upper deck walls and chain plates. The starboard side is all done and looking brilliant.

Completed starboard side with new chain plates
Completed starboard side with new chain plates

Unfortunately we discovered the whole of the rear main deck walls & chain plate support structures had been badly damaged by fresh water over the last few years of neglect by the previous owners. The damage was structural and needed to be repaired properly and then the whole ship made water tight.

I am learning………. on a wooden boat everything at one point depends very much on what is going on somewhere else on the boat;  so the issues we were having with the structural integrity of the rear chain plates (the steel plates to which the rigging is attached and which in turn hold up the masts – pretty critical!) was directly related to the ‘rot’ and subsequent damage to the structures to which they were bolted.

We had no choice but to completely remove all the old rotten wood and reconstruct the supporting structures from scratch.

See picture under HULL – During  &  CHAIN PLATES .

4 thoughts on “Where are we….?”

  1. Hi Julian
    Good web site most informative. The work sounds never ending !!
    Hope the funds hold up ok.
    I will check weekly on the site to see progress.
    Say hello to Matt and keep well.
    Talk soon

  2. So glad you are sharing your travels and experiences thru the web site. Go Jules and Matt

  3. Thanks for the update Julian. We empathise as previous boat owners & hope all is now fixed
    Best wishes from France.. Richard

  4. Nice web site, Jules and Mat! And congrats on the amazing job on Last Vintage. She’ll be a museum piece by the time you’re finished! You may rue the delay now, but you’ll be very glad, once you arrive in the middle of nowhere, that you’re not searching THERE for parts and expertise. Splendid isolation is only splendid when the ship is all ship-shape! Mersoleil is out there somewhere waiting for you to catch up with us. Maybe we’ll see you next year in Malaysia? Fond regards, Robbie and Bev

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