Sails & Halyards

Upon arrival in Hobart in January 2014 the boat had one main sail in generally reasonable condition but with two small tares. The main sail boom bag was in very poor condition and not repairable.There was a mizzen sail in good condition and a mizzen boom bag also in reasonable condition.
The foresail ‘blew out’ during the delivery voyage and was completely destroyed.
The main sail halyard was in poor condition.

During the early part of 2014 Doyle Sails Tasmania repaired the main sail, constructed a new main sail boom bag and made a completely new foresail.
The new foresail was designed to fit to the outer fore stay. Initially this would be fixed by way of shackles on the stay connected to hanks on the sail. Eventually, when funds are available this sail will be converted to be incorporated into a roller furler.

A new main halyard system was installed including new rope and a new electric winch. This winch also hauls up the foresail.
A new rope vang system was installed on the main mast and boom. The intention is to allow the boom to be pulled down tight in order to let the boom travel to its widest reach both port and starboard without causing the main sheets to damage the hand rails.

A new fore sail halyard was installed to hoist the new sail.

The mizzen ‘tracking system’ was reconditioned and made operative. A new battery system was installed and two small dedicated solar panels installed to keep the batteries charges. Operation of the system is still manual.

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