Bella’s Cabin

Bella’s is the only cabin to be refurbished at this point in time. Only the best for my baby! Sorry boys…..

Was called the Langford - Needs a new name plate
Was called the Langford – Needs a new name plate

Originally the cabin comprised a large lower bunk with two drawers underneath and a slightly narrower top bunk above.

Original lower bed-side table.
Original lower bed-side table.

A small bedside table and a small cupboard provided the only storage. The walls were lined in a ‘tacky’ fake weave wall paper and painted a pretty unappealing cream colour. The floor was covered in a nasty blue carpet which had clearly been water soaked time and time again.

The cabin was connected to an en suite via an internal connecting door. The bathroom contained a full sized bath with shower, a sink unit with cupboard underneath (which didn’t open) and a toilet which was set an an angle to enable access.

Original cabin wardrobe
Original cabin wardrobe

It should be noted that all four lower cabins and en suites are built on a large concrete slab which was used to partially fill the original hold when the boat was originally converted from an Island Trader operating in Fiji to a luxury cruise boat.

Everything was removed from the cabin and bathroom. The ceiling was also removed and all steel work was exposed and treated for rust and then primed & repainted. New wiring was installed in the bedroom and bathroom. The bath was removed and a new shower enclosure installed, new plumbing for the shower, basin and toilet was connected to a new waste water transfer system in the engine room.

Original bathroom showing full sized bath and shower
Original bathroom showing full sized bath and shower

The bathroom/cabin adjoining door was removed and the adjoining wall sealed. A new doorway to the bathroom was opened up off the corridor. The bathroom was lined with epoxy treated marine ply then undercoated and painted. The whole bathroom is being lined in a modern waterproof finish. The concrete floor is being polished and sealed.

The bunks were removed and new support structures built. Beneath the mattress on he lower bunk there are two large access panels to a large storage locker underneath the bunk.

A new set of shelves was installed in place of the original wardrobe. The shelves can be accessed from both the top bunk and the floor. A new bed-side shelf unit was installed providing for enclosed small item storage for each bunk occupant.

Each bunk has a 240 volt power outlet, a quick charge USB outlet and a new 24 volt LED reading light.

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